My Foodie Check List 2016

As the year of 2016 ends-I was writing this at 31st of December 2016, 9:32 pm, so literally the year's ending in a few hours-, we often look back to see what we've accomplished. For me, the year 2016 wouldn't be complete without a taste of my country's finest cafes! It’s been a year of highs and lows,... Continue Reading →

The combination of Toffee Wallnut Cake and Choco Fudge Latte made me forget about the stressful week of school! ❤️The other cafe latte-down part/right side is my mom's drink-Irish Cream Latte.

Self-treat lunch at The Food Garage!

The place that satisfies both your taste bud and budget! This time with food buddy #2, my bestie Gabrielle, we had a much deserved lunch treat after shooting and finishing our school project at The Food Garage, located at #25 Javellana Extension, Jaro Iloilo City, 🇵🇭 Aside from the fact that we had to wait, oh, about forty... Continue Reading →

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