First Thai Food Experience at Takuapa

If it weren’t for my best friend and fellow foodie Gabrielle, I wouldn’t have had a taste of Thai food!

I’ve had half a mind of eating at this Thai Food Restaurant Takuapa (which was conveniently near our school, like three or five blocks away) because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the food, not because it was Thai food that but because half of dishes the menu had was full of vegetables!

I’m not much of a vegetable-eater, you see. But in the end, as usual, I relented to my bestie’s plea (more like a demand) because who couldn’t refused their best friend’s request?

So we went in and ordered Kwaey Tae each and I added Cha Nom Yen.

Kwaey Tae is a Thai dish made up of flat rice noodles, fish tofu, squid balls, dumplings, braised beef, pork rinds and coriander.

Cha Nom Yen is a blend of Thai iced tea with milk.

I so love the Thai milk tea, the Kwaey Tae dish I could handle. So maybe, a big maybe, I’ll come back and have a taste of a different Thai dish next time.

July 30, 2016


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