First J.CO experience

This is the first cafe I’ve crossed out in my Foodie Hit List 2017-blog post coming up soon!

I’d heard half a hundred times about how great the food and drinks in J.CO was from my best friend Gab, and she’s been telling me about that since year 2013. And now that I’ve finally been to J.CO- with my mom, all I can think of was how I’ve missed out on great and affordable food BIG TIME.

Anyway, I ordered one Cappuccino Chip Frappe Due Size (P145) whilst my mom had a Hot Joccino Uno size (115). Joccino- J.CO Cappuccinno.

Why Nut donut: A peanut-flavored shell donut garnished with a white chocolate topping and laced with a net of dark chocolate.

Oreology donut: I happily indulged myself on Oreology, a donut smeared with white chocolate topping , then covered fully with ground bits of dark Oreo cookies.

Hot Joccino

And what’s great is that you get a free glazed donut for each drink you buy!

January 7, 2017.

Visit its website for more info:

@fiona_dlr is my Instagram account.

The pictures are edited with Snapseed.




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