Early afternoon dinner at Cafe Rue +

To start with, the woman in the featured image above is my mom, not me.

It was 8th of January, 2017-a Saturday, when me and my mom went to Atria Park to spend the day. Atria Park is located near Ateneo de Iloilo University campus and Qualimed Hospital along Donato Pison Avenue in San Rafael, Maduriao District, Iloilo City, Philippines.

We were idly strolling through Atria Park by Ayala one afternoon when we-meaning I did, and I dragged her into it, as usual- caught a glimpse of bright lights and a whiff of  heaven-and by that, I meant food.

We turned to the direction of the moutwatering-sscent and found ourselves momentarily in conflict emotionally. There were two cafes/restaurants open, namely Madge Cafe and Cafe Rue +. We’d then decided that we’d tried Cafe Rue + first the Madge Cafe next.



The food and beverages were great, the place-interior and ambiance- was cool and nice, though I can’t say the same about the servers. There wasn’t a welcome greeting when we walked in-her (one of the servers) first words to us were about what were ordering. No smile when she served/presented us our food on the table.

Okay, I think that was enough ranting. More about the food!

Beef Lasagna + six garlic breads.

My mom had ordered the cafe’s Signatured Brewed Coffee whilst I had the Cappuccino Frappe. We shared over the deliciously meaty Beef Lasagna w/ six pieces of garlic bread. Shared, because it was too much for one to eat alone. Heck, it was too much for the both of us-in a good way.






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