Christmas Holiday Family Bonding at GODUCATE Training Centre

 In unity there is success.  GODUCATE Training Centre offers team  building activities that enhance cooperation and team work within a group. Not only that, bit also allows the team to bond and have fun with their co-workers and friends. With innovative and exciting games, you will have a fun and unforgettable team building experience.

The GODUCATE Training Centre is located at Brgy. Sto. Angel San Miguel, Iloilo, Philippines.

Me and family, living in La Paz, one of the seven districts of Iloilo City, had to wake up early because the ride going to GODUCATE would be an hour and a half, and we wanted to get there early so that we can have the pool to ourselves even for a little bit while before the people started arriving.

When we first arrived there, my mind went blank. I thought to myself, this place seems so familiar but I’ve never been here before. Then I laughed out loud so suddenly that it caught my mom’s attention and she asked me what’s up. “This place reminds me of Camp Half Blood from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series!”


The narrow archery field, the shooting range and the bullseyes (targets) waiting to be hit, the lilies on the lake and the boat near the docks, the way the lush green grasses would sway as the fresh breeze of December’s wintry-ish wind swept through them, the covered basketball gym, the pool, the jungle huts and tents camped in the forest and the hillside villas.

The first activity we did (after inquiring more information about the place from the staff and taking pictures), and by we I meant me and my younger brother Jonritz (13 y/o) tried Wall Climbing for the first time.

The vertical climbing wall was fifty feet high. My brother went first. There were times that my brother’s hands slipped (or so he claimed, but I think he’s a bit squeamish) but he kept on going. Me and the fam were encouraging from below (taking a video and pictures) as he grabbed stone after stone and kept on climbing then finally, he reached the top.

Me? Well, I could say I did fine considering its my first time. I made it nearly to the top through one climb. Nearly.

Regrettably, I gave up when my hands started to tremble from the strain in my arms. Or perhaps, it was the fear finally catching up. Anyway, when I got down my mother chided me for giving up and told that all I had to do was reach up and ring the bell (ringing the bell means that you’ve completed the wall climbing).
After the wall climbing, we trekked around the place, exploring some of its other areas. We saw the archery field, the basketball gymnasium (where Jonritz played ball an hour after lunch), and it also had a lake where you can go boating with your company/family/friends.

They had the field cleared up whenever you and your friends want to have a volleyball game or the Arrow Wars, or you can zipline from above. Other activities include biking, they have jungle Jacuzzi, fishing, horseback riding, waterpark, shooting range. Entrance fee at P50 consumable.

After the trek around the place, we took a dip in the pool. I was a bit disappointed because it was on four feet high.

After lunch, me and my youngest brother Johannes (12 y/o) tried Horseback Riding for the first time!

I went first this time. The staff handed me a cowgirl hat and got Buddy (the horse) saddled and ready.

We totally had fun and had experienced many first experiences such as Horseback Riding and Wall Climbing! Hopefully we can revisit GODUCATE this summer 2017!

Visit their website and Facebook page for more details or inquiries:



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