Aftie snackie at Bo’s Coffee: Your Homegrown Brew

Your Homegrown Brew only sources the best of Philippine Coffee.

Last November 6, after strolling almost idly in and out of various clothing stores, we-meaning me and my mom, aka #1 food-buddy and coffee addict- headed straight into the nearest cafe, as what became our per usual every Sunday afternoon.

As soon as I stepped inside those glass doors, the scent of coffee overwhelmed me. Not having been into cafes for two weeks was driving me mad.
I had a Coffee Jelly Froccino with added bits of hazel nuts whilst she ordered a Hot Cappuccino paired with a Glazed Donut-a great combo for something to warm hungry stomachs and satisfy craving mouths, you guys!-and shared over a chocolate almond cookie as finger food.

Glazed Donut

Chocolate Almond Cookie 🍪 &  Froccino Coffee Jelly

Going to Bo’s coffee this weekend for an afternoon snack time was more than worth it and  definitely sated our coffee cravings.

Visit its website and Facebook page for more information or inquiries:


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