Snackie-timey is having Bread & Coffee at Breadtalk 

That day was 30th of October 2016 and today is the 31st of December 2016,yet the memory still lingers in my mind. The memory of how hungry me and my mom was, waiting in line to order food. While arduously and patiently waiting in line, we'd already prepared ourselves what to order by reading the menu off and alas,... Continue Reading →


Aftie snackie at Bo’s Coffee: Your Homegrown Brew

Your Homegrown Brew only sources the best of Philippine Coffee. Last November 6, after strolling almost idly in and out of various clothing stores, we-meaning me and my mom, aka #1 food-buddy and coffee addict- headed straight into the nearest cafe, as what became our per usual every Sunday afternoon. As soon as I stepped inside... Continue Reading →

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