Dinner at The Excursion Cafe

“Yawns are just silent screams for COFFEE”

So this week, I was attacked with an overwhelming urge to devour pretty much every sweet food I can think of so me and my mom/food buddy had a dinner date at The Excursion Cafe located at 20 E Lopez St, Jaro, Iloilo City.

The ambiance was great-the scent of coffee, frappe and desserts blending in, the laughter and chatter of the people and faint acoustic music playing in the background.

We ordered one Yuan Yang for my mom, one Excursionist’s Voyage Frappe for me and Triple Deck Fudge for dessert.

Yuan Yang-Chinese cold coffee mixed with green tea (my mom ordered this and all I got were a few sips!).

Triple Deck Fudge- A three chocolate fudgy bar-each with its own different topping: black and white chocolate frosting and powdered nuts on top of the fudge. A smear of whipped cream to complete the delightful dessert.


The Excursionist’s Voyage Frappe

Words cannot simply describe how much I loved this but I’ll try my best. The Excursionist’s Voyage is the café’s specialty and don’t get me started on this one because there are not enough words in the English dictionary to describe how delectable this one was!

On top was fluffy whipped cream laced with strawberry syrup and white frosting. A single strawberry flavor wafer stick sticking out near the black straw. The frosting sprinkled on top sounded like firecrackers in my mouth. Below the mountain of sweetness of whipped cream and strawberry syrup was a ring of choco syrup smeared on the outside side of the mug and was coated with white chocolate frosting on the side. The exotic blend of cold coffee mixed with crushed berries and chocolate syrup completes the definition of heaven-all in one mug.


I took the pictures from the cafe’s FB page. I do have my own pictures and they’re on my Instagram account- @fiona_dlr.

The cafe also serves pastas, rice bowls, sandwiches, desserts and cakes, coffees (hot and cold), frappes, quenchers(milkshakes and lemonades,etc) and Pica-Pica(finger foods like nachos and fries). A total recommend since the food’s great, the frappes and coffees are great, the atmosphere’s great and the prices are fit for a student’s budget.

Visit its Facebook page for more details/inquiries: 



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