Isla Gigantes: Cabugao Island

For our whole family trip this year we decided to go explore the wonders of Isla Gigantes- also known as Island of the Giants. Read on to learn how the island earned its name and the many folk tales of locals living in the islands.

For our first destination, we went to Cabugao Island.

The Gigantes Islands had been blessed with crystal clear waters and pristine white sand beaches which why it was always packed with tourists, especially during summer.

We hiked all the way up on the rocks to take good pictures at the top so you can see the whole look of the island and it was worth the while because the view was breathtaking.

The Gigantes group of Islands are also popularly knows as the Islas de Gigantes, which means “Island of Giants” in Spanish. The island got its name from over sized coffins founded by the Archeologists in Bakwitan Cave, Gigantes Norte that contained gigantic sizes human bones. The bones were said to have been seven to twelve foot long.

Look forward to cheap and fresh scallops- Gigantes is bountiful of fresh scallops. Unofficially known as the Scallops Capital of the Philippines because the island is abundant in scallops and more aquatic delights such as fresh fish, squids, and crabs. Also, the prices of seafood here are more cheaper.

The breathtaking view of the sea from the top of Cabugao Island. 

I was still on the boat on the way to Cabugao Island when I took this picture. 


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