The Night Slayer;The Night Creatures Ascent. One shot written by Fiona Mari R. De Los Reyes

The Night Creatures Ascent

There was a pale hand in the darkness, and it held a sword.

The demon, few meters away from the sharp blade, took several nervous steps backwards and stopped only when it sensed, more than saw, the wards. The wards were magic barriers casted to keep creatures like him out of the mortal realm. The demon knew what the sword and its owners name is for most of the Infernal Children fear them.

The Infernal Children are the common name for Dark Creatures. They are made up of vampires, lycanthropes, witches, demons and demonspawns. Not one mortal had been capable of fighting them much less looking at their eyes. The vampires, with their skin white as paper and glowing, crimson eyes. The werewolves, with sharp fangs and claws and keen sense of smell, the witches with their alluring beauty of an immortal, prowess in dark magic and cruelty. The demons with skin as dark as night without stars, with poisonous horns, long whip-like tail and their eyes… To look at demons is to go mad, mind broken beyond saving and lost in insanity.

For countless centuries, the Night Slayer continues to battle the Infernal Children who continues to harm the mortal realm, because they alone have the ability to fight against the Infernal Children. A tale from long ago tells that the first Night Slayer had been blessed by the gods, who have appeared to the mortal man Perseus and had given him weapons made of holy steel to fight. The mortal Perseus had gathered his friends and together they waited for night to come and slayed hundreds of Night Creatures.

Bane, the name of the sword, is poisonous blade that can kill anyone or anything with a single slice. Once the blade as much as graze the skin, it injects a lethal poison into the victim, killing them within mere seconds. It is made of Imperial Gold crafted by the skilled Blacksmiths of Lemnos.

The demon heard feather-light footfalls. In the darkness came out a girl dressed in all black. She looked no older than fourteen; in her gloved hands was Bane.

A hand’s swift movement and the sword caught the moonlight; the sharp blade glinted at the edges. The demon extended its claws and bared its fangs as its senses sharpened.

The Night Creature let out a growl; its voice was a rougher sound than metal grinding at metal.

“It’s futile,” said the girl, her voice had no emotion, “no matter how many you have killed. Tonight, you will die.”

The demon let out a deafening roar in anger, the ground shaking and cracking beneath them.”I will rip out your throat and feast on your heart, you dull mortal!”

The girl stared at the demon, her gaze not faltering at the threat. Then, abruptly she disappeared in the shadows lightning quick. The demon tensed, its tail snapped in keen attention.

The Night Creature waited, saw flash of blue light and sensed, before it felt, a pang of pain in its chest. The creature, still shocked, looked down on his chest, saw a perfectly calculated and measured clean-cut and coughed up black ichor. The creature’s knees buckled as agony took all over its body and crumpled on the ground in extreme pain.

As the demon writhed in torment and anguish on the ground, he felt his essence gradually returning to the depths of Gehenna. A dark silhouette casted above and it managed to look up and saw the girl, owner of the legendary blade Bane.

She was intimately striking for a mortal. At first glance, anyone would see her as a very pretty girl with porcelain white skin, waist-length, glossy raven hair; her eyelashes were thick and dark, veiling eyes with the color of sharp, lightning blue flecked, unearthly black eyes. As black as the sky of the Underworld.

Here was a true Night Slayer. Those were the demon’s last thought as his soul left the form he had taken over.

Fearsome monsters, diabolic creatures and satanic enclaves. There are such people whose whole existence was dedicated to oppose them. Those who are ready to battle and defend the mortals . They are called Night Slayers.


-so I was reading the Graveyard Book by awesome Neil Gaiman-and before that the Mortal Instruments by the talented Cassandra Clare and the first line got me inspired to do my own thing. I was in “the zone”- that  moment where you get so focused up in you writing that it took me in less than ten minutes to finish.  Ten minutes!

Fun fact: (1)I actually wrote this last year, (2) Supposedly the group of warriors fighting the Infernal Children/ Night Creatures used to be called the  Demonhunters but then I thought, hmmm why not changed it up a bit? Hence the “Night Slayer”. I know, it’s pretty lame XD

Comments, reviews and suggestions are welcomed!



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