This Video on Racial Discrimination Will Change Everything

“An open world begins with an open mind.”


Is there an ounce of hatred or irritation that you have for another race? What if I told you that is the country where your ancestors were from. It is so easy to finger-point distinct qualities that are not yours, but when you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you fail to address the fact that someone may feel the same way about you, or you may be just like them. There is no need to generalize an entire race. I am completely different from the Indian next to me, who has nothing in common with the Indian next to them. This video will change your world and the way you judge people based on their ethnicity. Open your heart and love one another.

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End of Innocence

There is behind me a time for fantasy. A time when dream and reality were one in the same. A time where I could touch the stars with a wish, Or hold the sun in the palm of my hand. There is behind … Source: End of Innocence

Isla Gigantes: Bakwitan Cave 

The tour guide told us a few rules before exploring the cave and the one that really stuck to my head was to be as quiet as possible because the Bakwitan Cave used to be an evacuation center during World War II from the Japanese soldiers hunting for Filipino soldiers and many of the Filipino soldiers, mostly wounded... Continue Reading →


Isla Gigantes: Cabugao Island

For our whole family trip this year we decided to go explore the wonders of Isla Gigantes- also known as Island of the Giants. Read on to learn how the island earned its name and the many folk tales of locals living in the islands. For our first destination, we went to Cabugao Island. The... Continue Reading →


An Apology from Anna Wintour

Lulu Writes

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Some people have a 401K to secure their financial future. I have a letter of apology from Anna Wintour. I figure it’s so rare it might be worth a down payment on a home one day.  How did this end up in my possession? Read on, my beauties. Read on.

In 1980 I was 14 & spending the summer in New York modeling with Elite. I was what was referred to as one of the “summer girls”: models recruited from all over the world, to spend the summer in NYC, living together in an apartment. During the summer there were anywhere from 6 to 12 of us. It was an opportunity for girls to meet the fashion world & see if they actually did have the potential to get work. Some girls lasted a few days, or weeks before they were sent home. If the feedback from clients wasn’t good…

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The Night Slayer;The Night Creatures Ascent. One shot written by Fiona Mari R. De Los Reyes

The Night Creatures Ascent There was a pale hand in the darkness, and it held a sword. The demon, few meters away from the sharp blade, took several nervous steps backwards and stopped only when it sensed, more than saw, the wards. The wards were magic barriers casted to keep creatures like him out of... Continue Reading →


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